Saturday, February 24, 2007

It Ain't Free

Dumpster diving is legitimate work.

It is a business.

It takes time and effort and a well honed set of skills to do right. It does substantial good both for modern society and Mother Nature. It serves a purpose.

Be as proud as you can when you d-dive. Ya' can't tell everybody ya' know or meet that you d-dive, but be assured that you are doing them and their loved ones a great service.

For us dumpster divers to be successful:

we must develop a good set of working skills, self disciplined safety habits, and fix 'um up skills for some of the items we find;

we have to deal with a work environment that may stink, sometimes looks nasty, and there's a lot of germs to avoid;

we have to deal with stressful situations like adolescent kids throwing rocks at us, teenage punks yelling insults at us and wanting to start trouble, 20 something year old assholes in their cars yelling shit at us and threatening to do us physical harm, older people looking at us with disgust and muttering threats of calling the cops on us;

and we have to deal with stressful situations concerning police, security guards, and employees of the businesses that own or lease dumpsters;

we must get to know when to pass up a dumpster, when to take a peak inside of one, when to grab something out of it and get gone real quick, and when to start taking a lot of stuff out to go through it to find the treasures tossed in there like they were actually worthless garbage.

Items taken possession of while dumpster diving are not free. It takes some serious work to be successful at what we d-divers do to supplement our incomes or to flat out survive in this hard, cruel world.

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