Monday, February 26, 2007

Place Good Stuff On Dumpsters Where Other Dumpster Divers and Homeless People Can See It

When I’m dumpster diving, if I find any real good blankets or coats that I can’t use or take with me to give away, I leave those blankets or coats draped or hung neatly on the dumpster. I place good pairs of shoes on the top of the dumpster.
Please consider doing this yourself when d-diving; do it for any passing homeless to see, or so that it can signal to other d-divers that there is good stuff left in there. This helps to keep usable stuff out of our landfills that are filling up fast.
In case no one takes the stuff that I leave out on a dumpster for others to take, I always try to leave it on the dumpster so that the trash collection truck driver or their helper won't have any problem scooping it into their truck as they lift and empty the dumpster.

But also consider this: leavin’ items out in plain sight will look messy and offensive to some passersby, police, neighbors or employees of the business who rents the dumpster, or residents of the apartments/condos who can see their dumpster from the windows of their homes. Consequently, this leave it out for others to see activity is best done only when you know that the dumpster is due to be emptied early the next morning.
I know which days and the usual times when dumpsters on all my regular routes are emptied.

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