Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Box Of Nearly New Toys Sitting On A Dumpster

One Sunday, while out working my long time, regular dumpster diving route, I found a cardboard box sitting on top of a shopping center’s dumpster that had good, barely used toys in it. The toys are for a 5 to 8 year old boy; I help to raise my grandnephew, so he now gets to play with the toys here in my home.

The box had obviously been placed there where it would be found by someone, so that the toys could be reused if any finders wanted them. The person who placed the box there had probably thought that either some store employee chuckin’ out trash may find it, anyone walking by there could have found it, or most likely they thought that the trash truck workers who emptied the dumpster would have to see the toys in the box when the driver or their helper got out to place the box into the dumpster, with the trash in there, so that the dumpster could be lifted up and emptied into the truck. It was very considerate of the toy buyer not to place the box inside of the dumpster, but they probly had no idea that a dumpster diver checks that dumpster for good stuff every Sunday.

As soon as I saw the excellent, barely used condition of the toys and the particular variety of them, I figured that the person who had purchased the toys had recently ended a short but very close relationship with the single parent of a small boy, whom the toy purchaser was not a parent of. There was just the right amount and selection of nice, not cheap but not expensive, toys for a child to be very happily occupied with during long and/or overnight visits to someone else's home.

I believe that the toys were discarded after the little boy's parent had broken off a romantic relationship with the person who had purchased the toys for the boy. Then, the boy’s mother’s or father’s broken hearted ex-lover had discarded the toys after it was clear that neither his/her ex-lover nor the boy would ever be returning to the toy buyer's home. The toy buyer either had no one close to him/her who could use the toys, or she/he did not want to ever, ever see the toys again and thusly be reminded of the painful breakup every time that he/she would visit the relative or friend or neighbor whom the toys may have been given to.

So that toy buyer had done the next best thing and placed the toys in a clean cardboard box then had placed that box on top of a dumpster where anyone walking near the dumpster could see it and possibly take it so that some other child could have the toys to play with.

I took the box of toys home and set it down on my living room floor. Even though they were definitely real clean, I was going to disinfect them with Lysol spray anyway.

A half-hour later a friend of mine comes over. He knows all about my d-divin but has only done it himself when he throws his own trash out at his apartment complex. His best find was a great little, new looking toolbox full of small sized, top of the line hobby tools that he sold later. So as he is walkin’ in my front door, I say, "Hey man, check out what's in that box there that I found sitting out on top of the ‘wrong raid’ dumpster." He glances down into the box and says, "Looks like a good relationship gone bad to me."

It was that obvious.


~Dawn said...

Isn't fun to try to figure out why someone throws out stuff. I do that same thing myself.

ursusdave said...

Yup, good usable items in, on, or placed next to dumpsters are always there for a reason. In this case, I can understand why the person did not want to keep the toys around, but they did the next best right thing with them.