Thursday, March 22, 2007

When Dumpster Diving, Beware Of Items In Or Near Dumpsters That May Have Been Stolen By Employees

Sometimes employees stash something in or near a dumpster that they have stolen from their employer’s business, and they come back and finish stealing it later.

I have heard or read about several instances where d-divers were accused by the police of taking items from dumpsters that the cops believed had been placed in there by a thieving employee and that the d-diver either was that employee or was in cahoots with the thief. There is so much great stuff thrown into dumpsters that is so unbelievably good and plentiful that most people would never believe that it had actually been chucked in there to be taken away for burying in a landfill. Consequently, it is easy for d-divers who are seen taking some of that great stuff outa’ dumpsters to be mistaken as being involved in an employee theft situation. This is a must know factor when dumpster diving.

Never touch any items that are obviously in or near dumpsters due to employee theft. The only problem is, I don’t what clues to tell you to look for, just be aware and hope you make the right decision at the time.

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