Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Pair Of Good Pocket Knives From Two Different Dumpsters

One time I found a toolbox full of tools turned upside down and dumped into a Bad Willy dumpster. I got the box out and filled it back up with most of the tools--some had slipped down too far in the junk there, but the box got heavy fast cause I got plenty of them. They were old well worn doubles of wrenches and things I already have, but I kept the stuff for over a year then gave it to my nephew--all except one good pocket knife. That knife is an Old Teeemer brand (brand names of d-dived goodies are usually changed for Internet postings) American made good grade tool. It is a one-blade knife; the blade is 3 1/4 inches long with a brass liner lock. The handles are in perfect shape and are made of good 1950s era type plastic.

I had that knife for almost a year, then I found a smaller version of it in a dumpster that was out in front of a house over across the baseball fields from the house I grew up in. An old guy who had died had lived there, and I had spoken to the man on several occasions, but did not know him. A Realtor had bought the house to fix it up for resale, and had paid workmen to clean it out. I got a well-worn portable drill that works and other stuff, but the little knife is the coolest thing from that load. It has a 1 3/4 inch liner lock blade and its handles look exactly like the one on the bigger knife. As a pair, knives like these sell in an antique store or flea market for, oh, $8 to $15 for both of them. Nothin special to any knife collector, but they are good American made knives that I like having. One is for my front pants pocket and the other for my jacket pocket when I go to places where I don't want to wear me good ole Bu#k Kanife on me belt.

And dig this; I just measured the knife blades using an old wooden meter/inches stick that was made prior to the 1960s. It has a great antique patina. It's from:

Sch@@r & Company
Laboratory Apparatus and Chemicals
Chicago Illinois

I find yard sticks, 12 inch rulers and tape measures so often that I only have to keep the ones made in the USA for myself and give the cheap China made crap away.

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